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Quick Engineering Driver Jered Cech won this past weekend at UPIR on our new Mikuni ZX6R carbs.

"Quick Engineering motor and new carbs are LIGHTS OUT!!!!! Heat and feature win today!!! Thanks Dallas for everything. Just like running fuel injection"

Jered Cech #71C

Jered Cech #71c

Quick Engineering!
Many new developments have taken place at Quick Engineering in 2013. The first of which is our website name. Due to our expansion of additional tooling and product line, we have chosen to use our parent company name Quick Engineering for our website. We are proud to announce, we have expanded our race winning Championship producing engine building program. Our engine building services now include Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha 600 & 1000cc engines for use in Mini Sprints, Modlites and Dwarf cars. If it’s a refresh or a performance engine build you need, we will be happy to meet your needs.

Our newest product development is the addition of another brand of carburetor for use on the 600cc engines; the Alcohol Mikuni ZX6R has yielded outstanding results. We are continually striving to improve on performance options and horsepower for our customers with new innovations in product design & technology. After many months of research and development, Quick Engineering is very excited to introduce our new Alcohol Mikuni ZX6R, CV carburetor! The Mikuni Alcohol CV carbs are flat out awesome! Dyno test comparisons (3 pull averaging) on a bone stock, right out of the bike, 09’ Honda RR against our best race prepared Alcohol R6 Yamaha carbs were astonishing..! The Mikuni ZX6R carbs produced an additional 3.4 HP and with an increase of 2.5 ft lbs of torque over the R6 Yamaha carbs. The Yamaha R6 carbs averaged 114 hp /47.6 ft lbs of torque. The Mikuni’s averaged an amazing 117.4 hp /50.1 ft lbs of torque..!

Quick Engineering also designed and manufactures a Copyrighted design (pat pend.) airbox base plate allows for the use of the popular Oval air filter on the Mikuni ZX6R carbs. Quick Engineering also designed and manufactures a Copyrighted design (pat pend) Fuel Inlet Tee that allows for an AN –6 fuel line fitting on the ZX6R carbs . We also engineered a new stainless alcohol fuel-metering needle for the ZX6R Mikuni’s as well. These Mikuni Alcohol ZX6R carbs are the perfect match for the Honda RR. The throttle bore spacing is identical to the Honda RR, less hassle taking them on & off the engine. They slide right into the boots. The performance advantages of the Mikuni’s over the use of R6 carbs on the Honda RR is produced in several areas. The fuel metering circuits produce a better consistent fuel flow thru out the entire rpm range. The Mikuni’s slide design offers better throttle response. The main power advantage is the now shorter correct tuned length of the overall intake port, (tip of the air horn to valve dimension) for the Honda RR engine. The R6 carb conversion on the Honda RR was and is simply to long to produce a happy tuned intake flow of air and fuel into the Honda RR engine. On track performance is outstanding, great low-end torque, instant throttle response and an increase in power thru-out the entire rpm range. We know you will be as excited as we are by performance advantages of the Alcohol Mikuni ZX6R CV carburetor’s on your Honda RR..